Developing a Native Mobile Application

This involves the creation of apps for a given mobile OS and the users can access them from specific app stores. You can target IOS or Android gadgets. In each case, the programing language used is different. Many companies decide to invest in the native mobile application development because of the benefits. Mobile software is a necessity for all companies and they should know the advantages associated with using a certain application development approach. The key benefits include:

  • Best Performance

When you use a native app development, the app in question is optimized and created for a very specific platform. Because of this, the app performs very well. Native apps are fast and quite responsive as well, because of how specific they are. This makes them even more efficient. Usually, the visual elements and the contents are already on the phone and this makes loading times very quick.

  • Security

The native apps happen to be more secure. Usually, web apps rely on different browsers as well as underlying technologies. By choosing a native app, you guarantee data protection for your users.

  • They are more Intuitive and Interactive

Native apps happen to be more intuitive and more interactive. This means they run smoother when there is output or input. The apps end up inheriting the OS interface of the device and this is what makes them feel like a part of your device.

The greatest advantage of this kind of app is how superior the user experience really is. Native apps are usually created for a very specific OS. They follow guidelines that enhance and also align user experience with the OS. Because of this, the app flows a bit more naturally because there are very specific user interface standards for every platform. The user can, therefore, learn their app and can interact with it using gestures and actions that they already know.

  • They allow Developers to be able to Access Full Features of the Devices

Native apps are usually developed for a particular platform. This means that they take advantage of the operating system and the software in full. They are able to access the device’s hardware like microphone, camera, and GPS. This makes them faster to execute giving a better user experience.

  • Fewer Bugs

The native apps tend to have significantly fewer bugs, especially during the development phase. It is usually hard to maintain two applications in only one code base than to maintain two applications in two different codebases. When you choose native development, then it means that the dependencies are much less for occurrence of bugs. For hybrid apps, the hardware is accessed through a bridge, which ends up slowing down the development and can cause a rather frustrating experience for users.

Adblock and User CSS

Adblock. Adblock is a plugin that is available for modern browsers that does exactly what the name suggests: blocks ads. The one I use on my Google Chrome is just called “Adblock”, but there are others called “Adblock plus” and the like.

These plugins read the page’s HTML, and/or JavaScript, and block advertisements from being injected into the page, which is pretty sweet. The result of this is a cleaner UI without the clutter of ads. The downside, is that website will miss out on revenue and they may not like that you are blocking ads. Put simply, having an ad blocker is almost a must nowadays to keep overlays and pop up ads in check. But, believe me, some of them still get through. Those that do, most plugins offer a “block this ad” option where you tell the plugin where the ad is, and it goes and kicks its butt!

Remember that portion about the website not liking you blocking ads? Yeah, some sites are resulting to blocking the user completely if they can’t make a buck off of them (lookin’ at you theChive). That’s when another plugin comes in handy: User CSS.

This plugin, and those like it, allow you to inject CSS into the website to style it to your personal likes. If you don’t know, CSS is a language that adds style to a website; without it, you would be looking at a bunch of black text, like a book. CSS controls positioning, color, backgrounds, image sizes, etc.

Disabling sites that won’t allow you to browse with an ad block, is pretty simple. If you right click on whatever is block your way, usually a pop up, then you can “inspect” it. Once you see the element, you can easily target that element with CSS and tell it to display “none”, which means “get outta here!”.

If you aren’t familiar with CSS or browser inspection tools, a quick Google will get you right on your feet, it’s really easy.

Of course, if you are going to a site you love and trust, I would suggest either buying into their subscription program or disabling your ad blocker, just to show your support.

Fast Secure VPN Guide

You might be uncertain as to whether you really need a VPN. There are a lot of reasons why people use this type of service. Whether you want to download torrents or simply browse the internet without your ISP being snoopy, then a virtual private network is for you. There are users who simply want to be able to watch American Netflix and access US sites while traveling to another part of the world. It’s a great way to bypass regional content restrictions.

While there are “free” VPN services, these companies really do need a way to make money. In the end, nothing is truly free. Anything that advertises itself as “free” is going to attract a lot of people, and if there are not enough resources to host so many people, you WON’T be getting a very fast or secure VPN. Ultimately, you’ll have to pay, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend much money. There are economical solutions.

How do you know if a service is worth the cost? If a company can provide you with proper encryption, a no-log guarantee, dozens of locations to choose from, and speed, it will probably be worth it. The more options and flexibility a virtual private network offers, the more likely it will be fast. If you find that your connection is slow, you could simply try another server in another region.

Check and see what kinds of security protocols are offered by a “fast secure VPN” provider. Military-grade encryption, such as Advanced Encryption Standard (256 bit-keys) is a great place to start, as well as Double VPN encryption, Open VPN, and IKEv2/IPsec. CyberSec is cutting edge technology that helps protect your computer or device from malware and other cyber threats. It also eliminates flashy ads that would otherwise slow down your connection.

Believe it or not, there really is one fast secure VPN service that does offer all of these security protocols and a high number of servers to choose from around the world (literally 5,000+), and that is NordVPN. There are three different payment / subscription plans, and you can connect up to 6 devices at once!

Norton Parental Control Guide

Some of the biggest threats come through social networks. You can view how frequently your children log onto their social media accounts, along with the ages and names they use on those profiles. Having this knowledge will help you decide if any red flags should be raised. There is also a Video Supervision feature that displays a list of YouTube videos the kids watch on any iOS device or PC the Parental Controls are installed on. There is even an option to view a snippet of each video.

Additional features include:

  • Web supervision
  • Time supervision
  • Search supervision
  • Personal information protection
  • Location supervision
  • Mobile app supervision
  • Email alerts
  • Instant lock
  • Text message supervision
  • Access request

Avoiding Trouble With Norton Parental Control

If you don’t want to be a helicopter parent, you don’t have to use all of the Norton Parental Control tools. You can create a profile for each child and set the “house rules” however you see fit. If you’re not sure how to set these rules, you can opt for Norton to use defaults based on the child’s age.

This level of configuration gives you the opportunity to set healthy rules and boundaries for your children without entirely taking away their freedom. It’s a good thing to be able to set a balance – especially with teenagers who do need some leniency and freedom.

If you ever catch your kids doing something you consider to be unsafe online, you can take advantage of the “Instant lock” feature, which is essentially the “nuclear option” that triggers an instant lock-down of their smartphone or computer.

The location tracker alone makes Norton Parental Control / Family Premier worth investing in. You can keep track of your kid in real time and make sure they are always where they should be – or at least in places you know are safe. There are even maps, pins, and timelines to reference everything so you’ll know if they’re not being truthful about where they were.

Norton Parental Control is compatible with most operating systems with the exception f Mac. iOS 9 or later is required for the Child Monitoring tool. You can order a one-year subscription at an affordable price.

Octa Core vs Quad Core

People were vying to beat each other and so, as an improvement on dual cores, the latest smartphones started coming out with quad core processors. However, today, with people obsessed with more power and speed, even quad core doesn’t seem to be enough, as several brands are competing with each other to release octa core powered handsets. So, while the battle of the cores seems to be never ending, users are confused. Is an octa core device really better than a quad core one? How can one decide on which device to put his money?

The answer isn’t as obvious as one may think because as several smartphone reviews will tell you, more isn’t always better. Going by the plain math that is visible, users may feel that an octa core processor is bound to better than, or maybe even twice as good as a quad core processor. It is high time that this myth needs to be debunked. A quad core chipset has four cores, where in case of heavy activities like HD movie streaming, all four cores can be activated and can jump into action so that your user experience isn’t interrupted. However, when it comes to an octa core chipset, are basically a dual set of quad core processors, where each set is assigned toward fulfilling a special task, so that unless that task takes place, four cores are not in action. Hence, when more heavy lifting is required, only then will your second set of quad core muscle come into play.

In essence, octa cores may not be faster than quad cores all the time but due to the efficient spacing out of the device’s workings, they end up being more efficient. One fact that several people do not know that a better and more efficient processor and chipset will help to prolong the battery life, a complain that is rampant among many of the latest smartphones. Hence, as smartphone makers are working day in and day out to help come up with a device that is efficient in its power consumption, while also aiding in prolonging battery life, octa core answers the million dollar questions by offering a solution to both these major problems of speed and battery life.

Nowadays, purely for the sake of achieving more efficiency, several companies are working hard to produce chipsets that are specifically ‘optimised’ for the handset they sell. For example, Samsung came up with its own Exynos chipset, which may not have been anything new in terms of design or features but it was specially designed for its own handset, so that it worked better and smoother. Thus, the answer doesn’t always lie in cores but as smartphone reviews will tell you, more so lies in the optimisation and personalisation of processors and chipsets for specific handsets.

RF Communications

Radio Frequency is Over 100 Years Old

While it may seem hard to believe, radio signal technology has been around for over a century now. By the time the Twentieth Century had started, Alexander Popov and Sir Oliver Lodge, two budding electrical engineers, were paving the way for radio. In December 1901, Guglielmo Marconi had developed a wireless transmitter and receiver. He used these tools in a famous experiment where he successfully transmitted a morse code message through radio signal from Cornwall, England, to St. John’s, Canada.

What is RF?

Today, radio frequency is so synonymous with wireless signals that the terms are used almost interchangeably, with radio frequencies describing everything from AM bands between 535 to 1605 kHz to Local Area Networks that top out at about 2.4 GHz. Traditionally, however frequencies defined as radio signals only ranged from a few kHz to roughly 1 GHz. Although, if you include microwave frequencies in radio, this range could be extended all the way to 300 GHz.

Different Frequencies are Used for Different Applications

In modern times, the use of radio is highly regulated and controlled. So much so, that specific frequencies of radio signals are used for very specific applications. For instance distress signals or telegraphs are set to only be on frequencies between 490 and 510 kHz.

Different frequencies are used for police scanners, amateur radio, cellular phones, global positioning systems or GPS, LANs and wireless internet, and even microwave ovens. The most basic and necessary applications usually are conducted on the lower frequencies, whereas more private and specific applications will occur on very high frequencies.

Why Operate on a Higher Frequency?

As you know, the frequency spectrum is fragmented and dense with allocated uses for each specific frequency. This is one of the reasons that applications keep being pushed into higher and higher radio frequencies. As new applications are discovered or intended, higher frequencies are used to accommodate them. Each frequency has different advantage and disadvantages regarding signal strength and propagation efficiency as well as interference and noise.

Frequency Shifting and Mixing

Often special technologies are need to receive and make sense of radio signals. For instance, the human voice exists on one particular radio frequency, however cellular phones operate on a different one. In order to make the human voice sound natural and normal through a cellular phone, the voice signal needs to be mixed or shifted in order to match the frequency that the phone operates on. Typically, a device called an RF downconverter is used to shift frequencies so they can be received and made sense of by radio technicians.

Get a Great PC for Gaming

System Case

You can get a desktop PCs in various sizes and shapes. Computers with a bigger case allow you to get several larger graphics, more hard drives, and sophisticated cooling arrangements. The most important part is the design of the motherboard, which gives numerous features. The limitation of such large cases is the fact that they occupy a lot of space and can dominate rooms of small sizes.

The number of computers having smaller Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards is increasing gradually. Their size is quite manageable. However, these are not adequate for users who like to double these up for graphic cards, or fit a larger quantity of internal parts, though they remain almost as powerful as their bigger cousins.

Graphic Cards

Of the internal components contained in computer’s case, the most significant for games is the graphic card. The biggest graphic cards are unlikely to get fitted into all cases. But generally, you should choose the most powerful card that your budget allows, as this component plays the most significant role in the way games perform.

There continues to be a strong competition with regard to price, the selection of graphic cards, plus advanced architectures among nVidia and AMD. The scales so far continue to swing among these two.

In case of gaming PCs, don’t ever be sparing when it comes to graphic cards. Though these components are the costliest, they are the most significant for gaming. Do not hesitate to go for a somewhat slower processor at the cost of a superior graphic card. On the whole, you should think in terms of matching their performance to steer clear of jams, and derive the most out of the two.

The Processor

Though the gaming experience is dependent on the graphic processor, your PC essentially requires its central processor. Even though most of what is available in the market comprises of the same basics, there is difference in their speed of using the memory, the selection of SSD and overclocking.

Promotional Memory Sticks

The first benefit you are going to find when it comes to choosing promotional memory sticks is that you enjoy improved brand visibility. As your customers make use of the memory stick in their daily work and home lives, your name is there on display. This means when they use it at work, your company is showcased on their desk, at home in their home office. This ensures that your name is constantly on their mind, which can improve sales moving forward and ensure you are always the first call they make when they need items that you supply.

Another reason you will want to consider promotional memory sticks to boost your brand is that it can help you reach your audience with ease. Promotional memory sticks are the ideal promotional gift is the majority of your customers are business people, students or the younger generation. This item can help you reach your customer base when the customer base is more likely to use this type of item. A good example is business orientated companies, computer companies or even a SEO agency can benefit greatly from choosing promotional memory sticks to promote their brand.

When you want to improve your branding then promotional memory sticks are a great way to improve your brand. Branding is important if you want to be noticed, you want potential customers to know your name and you want to drive traffic to your website. Making use of branding can help push you forward and achieve success moving forward.

A major benefit to promotional memory sticks is how useful they are. When people want to share documents they can save these to their memory stick and just hand over the information. They are convenient and useful and used by millions of people on a daily basis.

Due to their compact size, they can be taken anywhere at any time, ensuring that they always have a storage device with them as and when needed.

In addition to this and probably the most important benefit you want to know about promotional memory sticks, is that they can help you increase your sales turnover. Remember every time someone uses your memory stick showcasing your company name and logo, they think of your company. This means when they need a product or service that you provide, you will be the first call they make.

While promotional memory sticks may be brimming with so many great benefits, there are some important factors you are going to want to take into consideration. The first and foremost consideration to factor into your decision is your target audience. Ensure any product you choose will meet the daily needs of your customers. If the majority of your customers use mobile devices and store vast amounts of data, then this is the ideal choice to ensure your name is on the tip of their tongue at all times.

In addition to this, you will want to ensure the products you purchase are of the highest quality, this will ensure your company is seen in a positive and professional light at all times. They should come with a good warranty, putting your mind at ease that you are buying a good quality product that will provide your customers with years of use and convenience moving forward.

Intel vs AMD

It is an industry given that Intel makes the fastest processors on Earth. But while that factor is huge AMD has made a positive impression on the gaming community with lower process prices and near Intel performance.

If you are building a computer both Intel and AMD is user-friendly and can be tweaked. In the current market, both AMD and Intel processor technology should remain where it is for next few years at least. So don’t worry about your processor going obsolete tomorrow.

When looking at new processors for your gaming computer build, keep your eyes on gigahertz (GHz). A gaming computer, which needs to handle multiple assignments quickly can function at 2.5GHz but for optimal performance should be in the 3.5GHz plus range. Top of the line gaming computers usually achieve a 4.0GHz output.

Also, the more multiple CPU cores, the better for gaming. If budget is a concern, for your money you are going to get fewer cores with Intel options and more with AMD. With that said, though, Intel cores are more efficient so it might be apples to apple decision.

All the top Intel and AMD processors are in that sweet spot 4.0GHz output with multi cores. They range in price from around $70 to over $300 depending on a number of cores and the GHz output.

It’s hard to beat Intel, but I wouldn’t dread using an AMD processor for gaming if it meets all my needs and falls within my budget.

The most modern Intel processors are the Intel Pentium G3258, Intel Core i54690K and the Intel Core i74790K.

On the AMD side of the ledger look out for the AMD Athlon X4 860K, AMD FX 6300, AMD FX 8320, AMD FX 8350 or the AMD FX 9590.

Buy a SSD Disk Drive Online

Firstly, it is important to remember that although there is a huge range of vendors operating online nowadays, they certainly are not all made equal. It is in fact one of the main gripes of any shopper in any market that the online retailer that was claiming to have the best products at the best prices actually turns out to be a major disappointment.

The reason for this is that anyone can easily become a seller of products that they do not really know much about on eBay or other public auction sites, making it hard to distinguish the pros from the amateurs. Our first tip, therefore, is to seek out a seller that has a certain level of expertise in the area they are dealing in.

This is crucial for a number of reasons, the first one being that – assuming they are reputable and take pride in the standard of products they offer – you are very unlikely to come away with a product that does not meet your criteria or perform well. Good retailers will tend to know which products are good ones and which are not so good, and steer clear of selling the latter to their customers.

With that in mind, look for a specialist in SSD disk drives or SCSI drives if you are looking for these products, rather than just shopping around for the cheapest price. The other major advantage of buying from a specialist is that they will often be able to provide excellent expert advice before you buy, saving you from investing in the wrong product.

The next thing to note is that it is important to choose a company that has a good returns and refund policy, as this can save you a headache farther down the road if you run into any problems. Although the item might be great quality, some will always turn out to be faulty, and this is where a good return and refund policy will help you.

Before you purchase your SSD disk drive, therefore, do adequate research into how things work if you are dissatisfied with your product, and look for negative customer reviews of a company before purchasing. It is when things go wrong that a retailer shows how reputable he is, so if a company has a track record of reluctant refunds, it is possibly better to choose someone else.

On top of these few points, make sure that you get a good price for the item you are buying. It is often hard to know what is a cheap price for the SSD disk drive you are after or what is an expensive price, so shop around to see what offers are available for that particular item.

If you see your product at a particularly low price compared to all the others, exercise caution – huge price drops can indicate that the item is defective or second hand, or that simply you are dealing with a less reputable dealer of a product. In all cases, take the time to read the small print before you buy, and you are likely to find yourself with a great product at an excellent price.