Software Development for Non-Developers

The Groundwork

At this stage, your IT partner will ask questions about your goals and how your app will help achieve them. This is germane for arriving at the features of the app and its intended users. With these questions, the IT firm will identify existing apps with the same likeness as yours.

The IT firm should be keen on developing your app to do better than its competitors by becoming interested about the intended users of the app, their challenges and how the app will help them. The degree of success recorded could be based on the richness of your answers.

However, an experienced IT organization will create an awesome app regardless of the quality of information that you have provided. An experienced IT company has the ability to unravel challenges that may rise up during software development for non-developers.

The Design Stage

This stage demands the IT firm to be commitment, skilled and focused as they create the user interface and experience of your app. To guarantee the successful creation of the app of your dreams, you have to together with the IT company – your feedback is essential.

The IT firm must be able to develop your app using a suitable design pattern for efficiency and cost effectiveness. They must adopt the ideal data model, database and sophisticated user interface for the suitable platform for your app.

Note that software development for non-developers requires that you partner with a skilled IT company that can create a scalable app for future expansions. They must be able to create a measurable app, without irrelevant components, that helps monitor the manner of usage by users.

Seeing that all the requirements of this stage is met and the app prototype is created, you and your IT partner can move to the next stage.

The Development Stage

This is the stage where the app is subjected to series of tests and remodeling. Here, the IT firm will run tests to monitor the performance of the app and make adjustments if it falls short of expectations.

After tests and remodeling, the first version of the app will be launched. This version will render most of the services that you have in mind and may help you rake in some revenue. Still, the version will be closely monitored and maintained to suit the needs of its users.

Role of a Digital Forensics Investigator

The most common application of digital forensics investigations is to discredit or support hypotheses before a court of law, whether criminal or civil. In the case of electronic discovery, an investigator can also prove helpful in the private sector, along the lines of corporate security and internal investigations. Whatever the case, the job of a computer forensics investigator follows a typical process that begins with the seizure of media and continues with its acquisition, also called forensic imaging. It is very important that the investigator has as much information as possible before undergoing these steps. A first step is often interviewing any people who can provide information in connection to the case.

The technical procedures start with the acquisition of the volatile evidence, that is the data which might change or disappear quickly if improperly handled. After this step, which can be difficult to perform, depending on the level of access the investigator has to the computer or digital device. Next comes the acquisition of physical storage, including memory cards, hard drives, removable disks or USB drives, which will be forensically imaged, in order to ensure the continuity of the operational system, while also using the devices as evidence.

Use Technology To Expand Small Business

Time tracking software, employee scheduling system, time clocks, task management tools, CRM and a lot more options are there for managing all the tasks. It maintains the communication level within the teams and customers across the globe. It also assists in marketing a business and its products so that you can experience a success in a short span of time.

  • Communication: Communication is very important when you have a product and providing a service because communication allows you to inform and encourage your prospective customers to avail your service and products. It is also important to respond to customer’s query without any delay. Emails, texts and social networking can keep small businesses connected to the customer base to improve the business solution.
  • Marketing: Technology has broadened the scope of advertisement so you can reach to new and existing customers through internet marketing. You can use search engines to the e-commerce websites, social networking sites to the email marketing for your brand promotion. When seeking a trusted platform to expedite the marketing process, it recommends choosing the right to the maximum accessibility.
  • Productivity: Many businesses have started working on a common software and files that can be accessed by the allocated teams & its members, clients and that can be extended to the head of the department. When you start working on a project, it will be beneficial for you to assign tasks on this software so that all the team members can work and allow the client to track the progress in real-time.

About Beacons

A Beacon is basically a wireless Bluetooth sensor, that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to send and receive data to smartphones to perform certain actions, like app notifications, messages or prompts.

Beacons are small, cost-effective, battery powered, and can be strategically placed in a way that when a customer comes in their vicinity, they will receive appropriate messages and notifications.

Beacons use BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy signal to send ID and data to specific Apps in your smartphone in the form of individual notifications. It is important to note that Beacons only send info and not receive them. This data transfer happens only when the customer has switched on his Bluetooth, has given location access permission, as well as has opted to receive notifications.

Each Beacon has its unique ID that reaches out to an App on your smartphone so that you receive relevant App information. This ensures that you get only the right notifications thereby providing high levels of privacy.

With the number of smartphone users growing day by day, Beacons are a terrific way to engage, and connect with prospective customers, and gently nudge them to make a purchase once they are within the range of your Beacons. Beacons provide the following crucial insights about Customers

All in One PC

This PC provides exceptional computing techniques in the toughest environments. It offers the very best performance that is available today in the market. It also operates in extreme environmental conditions. It’s a fanless panel computer that gives a noiseless performance with a simple transition into pre-existing IT systems. The slim style provides a simple transition in tight work arenas. Therefore it isn’t a surprise at all that it’s being used in multiple trade fields.

You may not know but brackets and the external ports unquestionably enable any simple integration. External ports can offer multiple external additions like the LAN cords, resistive keyboards, and much more. The addition of such external ports won’t limit or hinder the fanless panel computer’s water resistance.

The newest technology provides excellent performance freed from any faltering or even hesitation. The software package is quicker here and has consistent updates, so that you remain on top of the trade standards. Such all-in-one computers are high in speed, dependability as well as excellent.

The external as well as the internal elements on the computers offers high level performance in extreme conditions. The motherboard is always meant for flexibility and it has the distinctive ability to shift and move while not losing any knowledge. Most productivity and operation is older and attributable to the prime quality and innovative elements. Your business needs expertise and consistent productivity and a good performance despite any vibration, and more. The average computer screen is always meant for simple readability, even in harsh and obtrusive daylight.

The screen is usually most well-liked for medical functions attributable to its simple ability to show digital graphics and written reports. The medical trade uses these units for simple access to x-rays, MRI scans and other medical reports. Readability, consistency and reliability are provided with this high-quality screen. Its screen is additionally designed for entering simple information and its extraction while carrying serious instructions.

The screen is in a position to face up to all environmental conditions while not cracking, or shattering. Professionals test and retests this product to make sure it’s most productive in extreme environmental conditions. It is trustworthy and reliable and backed by robust customers support.

Ionic vs React Native

On the contrary, hybrid apps are websites embedded in mobile apps via WebView. These are developed by HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript and execute the same code on different platforms. They can use the native features of the device with the help of tools such as PhoneGap and Cordova.

Before answering the question ionic or native react? Let’s have a look at these frameworks individually.


Ionic framework was developed in 2015 by Drifty Co. software vendor for Apache Cordova. The main aim of this framework was to develop hybrid software whose performance was close to native solutions. Ionic is based on software like -SaSS, CSS, HTML and Angular 1.x. Ionic framework can boast an extremely advanced GUI and CLI, which can launch a variety of features.

Developers who are using this framework need not to employ third-party solutions, as it is perfectly integrated with software. It helps developers to create default mobile app UI functionalities in an easy way. Ionic framework is perfect for the statement write once, run everywhere. With ionic, you may not have to worry about platform-specific problems.

A hybrid app can run the same code, regardless of the platform. This is what Ionic can do. It can adapt few of its behaviors according to the platform. For example if you are using tabs, they will be displayed at the top of screen in Android and at the bottom of the screen in iOS.

Ionic is based on Angular, which is a JavaScript Framework and uses HTML for web views. As the views and logic are clearly separated, it is in-line with MVC pattern. You will be more familiar with Ionic as it uses classic HTML and CSS.

Ionic allow developers to preview the app in browser and mobile devices instantly. As you make changes to the app, the results can be seen just by refreshing the screen.

React Native

Facebook’s React Native has caused a great sensation in mobile pp development industry. It is a full-blown JS framework that allows developers to create cross-platform software that is similar to native applications. The best thing about React Native framework is that it uses native components for front-end and does not require employment of any browser, affecting the performance of the app in a positive way.

It is managed by a strong community of developers, who help beginners speed up development process. Any issues with React Native can be solved quickly, when discussed with many developers of the community. Developing a mobile app in React Native framework is done using JavaScript, and hence you can share the code across different platforms. However, React Native will use native components, which means the users experience will be closer to other native apps – giving better performance.

React native want the developers to use the components that follow the native behavior of the platform. For example you cannot use the same toolbar for both Android and iOS. With react Native, you can provide seamless experience to the users.

React Native is based on JavaScript framework known as React and uses code that resembles HTML. However, it is called as JSX – as the display logic is mixed with business logic. Though most of the developers feel at ease with JSX, the main problem arises when you work with a team of designers. Editing templates and writing CSS is not easy, as the rules of JSX are slightly different. Developers have to learn how to create the interfaces using JSX components, as it is entirely new.

React Native allows developers to see the modifications as soon as they make them without the need to recompile or rebuild. You will get the instant feedback without much effort.

React Native or Ionic: Which is better?

Mobile app developers often face problem, when it comes to choose right framework to develop mobile apps. Well, it depends on a number of factors like – user requirements, project, skills of the developers and many more. These both frameworks do different things and perform equally well. It is difficult to say, which framework is better than the other. Both these frameworks support Android and iOS. Both Ionic and React Native have healthy ecosystem, as they inherit the community they are based on.

If I have to give my personal opinion, I would recommend – React Native. The reason behind this is – apps in React Native are extremely fast and responsive. Though it is easier to learn Ionic than React Native, we must say that React Native provides a great programming environment that is closer to native app development.

If we see from the view of a developer, React Native provides a better solution and speeds up the process of app development without compromising the quality of your mobile app.

Tips for Android App Developers

Head to communities

If you have some doubts on your mind, don’t worry. You can head to online communities. On these forums, expert developers are always ready to give answers to important questions to help each other out.

Listen to your audience

For earning the trust and loyalty of your target audience, you may want to listen to them. Aside from this, it will make it easier for you to grow your number of users. Moreover, feedback from them will help you make necessary changes to your app for a better experience. Keep in mind that good work gets a lot of appreciation.

Grab a great idea

If you work independently, chances are that you will achieve success provided your app idea is revolutionary. But even if it’s not revolutionary, it should provide value with the users.

Learn to criticize your work

While it’s a good idea to believe in yourself, you may want to learn to criticize your products. Once you are done with an app, ask yourself why others should download and use it.

What should be your goal? Your goal should be to make an app that will solve a problem that many users have out there. By solving their problems, your app will make their lives easier. So, what you need to do is choose a niche that can help you provide the solutions you may have.

Develop a portfolio

If you want to attract more clients as a freelance app developer, know that you must have an awesome portfolio. Creating work samples is of utmost importance, especially if you are just starting out. As a matter of fact, we can’t deny the importance of having a great portfolio.

Understand the Market

It’s important for you to find out how the users of Android behave. Know that Android has a lot more users than its alternatives in the world, but they won’t pay as much as they users of iOS would pay.

Web Mining

Data mining, text mining and web mining, engages various techniques and procedures to take out appropriate information from the huge database; so that companies can take better business decisions with precision, hence, data mining, text mining and web mining helps a lot in the promotion of the ‘customer relationship management’ goals; whose primary objective is to kick off, expand, and personalize a customer relationship by profiling and categorizing customers.

However, there are numbers of matters that must be addressed while dealing with the process of web mining. Data privacy can be said to be the trigger-button issue. Recently, privacy violation complaints and concerns have escalated significantly, as traders, companies, and governments continue to gather and warehouse huge amount of private information. There are concerns, not only about the collection and compilation of private information, but also the analysis and use of such data. Fueled by the public’s concern about the increasing volume of composed statistics and effective technologies; conflict between data privacy and mining is likely to root higher levels of inspection in the coming years. Legal conflicts are also pretty likely in this regard.

There are also other issues facing data mining. ‘Erroneousness of Information’ can lead us to vague analysis and incorrect results and recommendations. Customers’ submission of incorrect data or false information during the data importation procedure creates a real hazard for the web mining’s efficiency and effectiveness. Another risk in data mining is that the mining might get confused with data warehousing. Companies developing information warehouses without employing the proper mining software are less likely to reach to the level of accuracy and efficiency and also they are less likely to receive the full benefit from there. Likewise, cross-selling may pose a difficulty if it breaks the customers’ privacy, breach their faith or annoys them with unnecessary solicitations. Web mining can be of great help to improve and line-up the marketing programs, which targets customers’ interests and needs.

In spite of potential hurdles and impediments, the market for web mining is predicted to grow by several billion dollars in the coming years. Mining helps to identify and target the potential customers, whose information are “buried” in massive databases and to strengthen the customer relationships. Data mining tools can predict the future market trends and consumer behaviors, which can potentially help businesses to take proactive and knowledge-based resolutions. This is one of the causes why data mining is also termed as ‘Knowledge Discovery’. It can be said to be the process of analyzing data from different points of view and sorting and grouping the identified data and finally to set up a useful information database, which can further be analyzed and exploited by companies to increase and generate revenue and cut costs. With the use of data mining, business organizations are finding it easier to answer queries relating to business aptitude and intelligence, which were very much complicated and intricate to analyze and determine earlier.

Transistor Data and Replacement

Maximum collector-to-base voltage (VCBO) – The replacement part should have a VCBO rating equal to or higher than the original.

Maximum collector-to-emitter voltage (VCEO) – The replacement part should have a VCEO rating equal to or higher than the original.

Maximum emitter-to-base voltage (VEBO) – The replacement part should have a VEBO rating equal to or greater than the original.

Maximum collector current (IC) – The replacement part should be able to handle as much (or more) collector current as the original.

Power dissipation (PD Watts) – The replacement part should be able to dissipate as much (or more) power as the original part.

Gain (hFE) – The replacement should have a gain equal to or better than the original and it should be as close to the original specification as possible.

Gain-bandwidth (fT) – the replacement should have a transition frequency equal to or faster than the original and it should be as close to the original specification as possible.

Below is a table of application requirement and important specification that you can use for guidelines when comes to transistor substitution.

Application Requirement and Important Specifications

  1. General purpose low level amplifier and switching transistors. Spec- hFE, IC (max), fT, VCEO
  2. Power switching applications. Spec- VCEO, VCBO, hFE, IC (max), PD (max)
  3. Low level IF/RF amplification. Spec- IC (max), fT, VCEO
  4. Audio amplification. Spec- IC (max), PD (max), hFE, VCEO
  5. High voltage transistors. Spec- VCEO, VCBO, IC (max), fT

Future of UX

For better UX, the designers are always inspired to become better designers and take continuous feedback from users; they increase their design knowledge and continuously work in the improvement of designs.

People need to fun-loving and flexible to see the new adventures of UX Designers. The world is rapidly getting connected to technology,we are living in the 21st century where the people are comfortable with Artificial Intelligence(AI), AR, voice and connected devices, the tools and technologies are changing day by day, the UX designers use different way of thought process and different designs;the technology has reformed the lives of people.

The UX design has a great importance in it. In future, User experience design will become a stronger and well-established practice which will influence our lives on different aspects.

With the growth in UX, the demand for UX designers will grow rapidly. The growth of UX designers will be rapidly in all the sectors of the industry because the better the UX Design-the larger number of customers get attracted to it.

Earlier no one would have thought on booking a cab online and the cab would be at your door within minutes but now this facility is used by a large number of people. Likewise, UX has the power to change the dimensions of future. It will definitely bring new and broad per respective while designing.

Earlier the term UX was only limited to User Experience but with the advancement of technology UX is used to represent the detailed design of the digital products which is not just limited to software applications, but it has also covered website and mobile apps.

Today the people are living in the digital era, where their lives are dependent on the mobile app. The detailed design of digital products is trending nowadays.UX has many components such as Service Design, System Design, Strategic Design, Critical design and Speculative Design as well as Design Thinking.

The invention of Instagram from the website shows how much the industry has revolutionalized. UX designers offer practical and smart solutions, it will definitely break all the limitations push the boundaries of development and bring the current scenario to the situation where the mode of interaction and communication has changed completely; the interface will be designed in the most creative and innovative way.

The design of digital media changes and improves as per the user behavior and the needs of the person with the changing time and trends. The UX will reach out at its peak in future years. Its growth is going to be rapid because it is a never-ending process, improving the design as per the customer requirements, trends and lifestyle.

In future, the UX design will become the most trending and prevalent practices across the world. Many industries have already seen the specialization in the role of UX by keeping in mind Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality and Voice User Interface.

The pace at which our technology is changing, this specialization will bring the new innovation and UX Design will touch different industries and business areas.