Deal With Google Panda

Google has hundreds of quality-controlling mechanisms. Among them, its Panda seems to be one of the most merciless systems that neutralizes the copy-contents. As a result, affiliate sites appear to get affected badly. The Panda impact can affect 20 to 80 percent of websites overall. It can cause miserable dips of search visibility for a large chunk of websites across the Google search engine.

However, this impact is limited to those websites which have infringed the copyright terms and conditions by copying contents from others and overlapping the same or similar topics with marginally different keyword variations. Allegedly, the Panda swipe cannot sometimes distinguish the original websites from the duplicate ones and that results in poor traffic performance of the original websites. Despite this allegation, Google claims that Panda considers original contents and gives ranks duly to them. Also, it values for the unique design, original content and good navigational speed of the web pages, among others. If Panda finds that web contents are meeting its parameters perfectly, it will give proper ratings to them. As a result, the flow of the web traffic to those web pages will swell automatically.

Nevertheless, thousands of website-owners are voicing against this artificial intelligence in the fear of losing page ranks and huge web traffic overnight. But, Google insists on its preference for quality contents over quantity. This giant search engine has made its stand clear in its official blog post that contains 23 relevant questions. If the website-owners go through that set of questions, they will come to know what kind of contents can qualify the Panda parameters.

Now, the myth about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is believed to be omnipotent will perhaps lose its significance. Panda says that redundant articles with spelling, stylistic and factual errors will no longer get a free-pass. Only quality, topic-based, research-based, informative, authoritative and flawless contents will help optimize the traffic flow of web pages and that will eventually improve their page rankings across the Google.