VHS is history

Seriously, when was the last time when you watched a movie on a VHS tape? It’s been probably years now. In reality, companies have long stopped manufacturing VHS tapes because it’s the age of digital discs.

Some of the vital benefits of DVDs over VHS are

  • Picture quality is much better: The picture quality is much higher than that of old video tapes. In theory, the vertical resolution of these discs are double to that of video tapes.
  • Sound quality is second to none: The sound quality of a disc output is multiple times higher than that of conventional video tapes. Be it Dolby digital or 7.1 surround sound, there has been an immense amount of technical advancement in this field. But that’s not to say that the audio output will be the same for all. If you have a home theatre system or TV that’s outdated, the sound quality will never come out beautiful.
  • It preserves better: Compared to video tapes, DVDs are highly durable which means that your pictures or video will stay preserved for the foreseeable future.
  • It has special features: Most discs have menus, transitions and several other interface features which is non-existent in the case of video tapes. This helps a lot in presenting the video in a much more attractive manner.

Don’t live to regret your wedding video

More often than not, couples lament the fact that they did not hire a professional to shoot their wedding. If you are going to get hitched soon, don’t make the same mistakes. Sure you have to splurge a little, but that’ll be worth it.

As video tapes have become obsolete, so have video cassette players which is why digital players are in trend. But that’s not all. Such has been the demand that DVDs itself are being upgraded into new and improved things. From double layer discs to blue ray discs, watching movies has become so convenient these days. What’s more, you can even write files in them and save it for future use.